Idhammar helps Hovis save 7% on its gas bill

Posted on 25 Oct 2012 by Tim Brown

Idhammar Systems, a provider of OEE and CMMS software systems, have released a new Energy Monitor which when combined with a few discrete energy CT meters can help manufacturers significantly reduce energy costs.

The Idhammar Energy Monitor is fully integrated with the Idhammar OEE system and the shop floor, which allows it to monitor production and energy performance in real time; allowing clear monitoring, measurement and reporting of losses as well as providing a clear link between production performance and energy consumption.

The Idhammar OEE Management System feeds Availability, Performance and Quality data into the energy monitor, providing automatic measurement, monitoring and clear reporting tools. This enables forward-thinking manufacturers like Hovis, to identify areas of waste and evaluate the actions needed to improve both production and efficiency.

Real Time Intelligence and Reporting including the ability to quickly drill down to detailed equipment and production order data in order to perform root cause analysis helps manufacturers support decision making to determine the factors that contribute to wasted energy helping contribute to the bottom line.

John Roberts, Idhammars’ Managing Director – Operations comments: “The benefits of using OEE to drive economic, social and environmental improvements to the bottom line are proven. A number of production related factors contribute to wasted energy and every day unplanned production stops, slow running equipment, lack of materials and wrong date codes cause waste, not only impacting productivity, but also impacting energy efficiency.”

Hovis, the bread producing division of Premier Foods, has found that by harnessing the power of an OEE Management System to gain greater production efficiency they have been able to reduce their annual gas budget by 7%, worth a saving of £400,000 pounds a year.

Bob King, previously Manufacturing Director for Hovis now Group Head of Operational Excellence for Premier Foods said: “In addition to savings in labour unit cost and product wastage, we have achieved significant savings in energy usage. Optimised OEE has a hugely beneficial impact on our energy-efficiency programme which supports our environmental objectives.”

The full Energy Monitor datasheet is available for download here.