Idhammar launches a ‘digital suggestions box’ as part of OEE

Posted on 20 Aug 2012 by Tim Brown

Idhammar Systems, a provider of total productive maintenance and manufacturing software, has announced an online suggestion scheme as a way for businesses to involve the whole team in the continuous improvement process.

The system, which is a part of the OEE system, will give employees the chance to contribute ideas towards more efficient ways of working which could help companies to make big savings.

By submitting their ideas through an online, browser-based process, employee ideas can make their way to the Continuous Improvement Manager or similar, for revision and potential implementation.

Alan France, Operations Director at Idhammar says that an online suggestion scheme, which can be hosted on a company intranet, should cost very little to operate and deliver direct savings by implementing staff suggestions. “A return on investment in the region of three-to-one could be achievable,” said Mr France.

Suggestions raised appear in core OEE for review, action and quick response to the employee. In addition, employees will be kept informed of any progress that their idea has made, giving them the incentive to continue raising ideas.

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