Improving global connectivity and quality

Posted on 8 Sep 2014 by Callum Bentley

A sustained period of investment is helping a West Midlands-based automation and control systems specialist provide improved connectivity for some of the world’s biggest machinery manufacturers.

PP Electrical Systems has spent more than £500,000 on automated cable preparation machinery that incorporates specialist ‘automatic crimp force monitoring’ technology…all geared towards enhancing electrical connectivity for its global client base.

The company has configured two Artos MTX machines to ensure clients receive 6 sigma levels of quality that results in massive improvements in performance and significantly reduced downtime.

Managing director Tony Hague states that by replacing traditional hand tools with automation has increased the quality of electrical connectivity in control systems and associated wiring exponentially.

“Inferior electrical connectivity is proven to be the single biggest cause of machine failure, associated down time and costly service and warranty calls, irrespective of the machine application.

“Even the smallest of manual errors can cause intermittent connectivity issues that will not always show themselves immediately, but possibly months later after a machine has been installed at a customer’s site. You then have a potentially very difficult fault to find and a very irate customer.”

“Deploying our expert staff to work with the state-of-the-art automation machinery ensures we are achieving world class levels of quality on our connectivity and our clients can be confident of machine performance when dealing with their customers.”

PP Electrical, which employs nearly 200 people, works with 12 of the world’s largest machinery manufacturers in sectors ranging from food, machine tools and packaging to printing, renewables and telecommunications.

In addition to specialist cable preparation, it has also invested heavily on automated testing equipment, IT infrastructure and a training programme that gives each member of staff – on average –200 hours of personal development every year.

This approach has given it the capacity and capability to talk to existing and new clients about outsourcing a wide range manufacturing operations.