Improving manufacturing operations with SAP Business One

Posted on 6 Mar 2015 by The Manufacturer

How the IIS Group helps meet unique manufacturing challenges with the world’s leading ERP solution.

The IIS Group has helped manufacturing firms over the past decade to cut costs, eliminate waste and improve performance with the world’s most popular ERP solution – SAP Business One.

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A SAP Business One manufacturing solution can help transform businesses quickly and easily – from plant-floor to delivery. With tools to manage sales and CRM, production and MRP, inventory and warehouse control, purchasing, banking and much more, your manufacturing firm will be able to remove disparate solutions and function seamlessly from one solution.

Finally, different departments within an organisation can integrate to optimise. That means businesses will no longer have to juggle data between different systems and avoid manual duplication. Third-party bolt-ons can be eliminated and data can be centralised to create accurate, trustworthy reports.

With SAP Business One, manufacturers can manage demand whilst maintaining lean inventory levels. And with powerful reporting tools included as standard, organisations will have access to accurate data that spans the entire supply chain to forecast and quickly match availability with demand.

The ability to successfully meet demand and deliver projects on time will grow customer satisfaction and loyalty. Also, the full visibility and control provided by SAP Business One has been proven to fuel growth, result in fewer stock outs, optimise stock and provide better control over key business processes.

Case Study

Mollart Engineering is a family-run company specialising in deep hole drilling and the expert design, development and production of tools and associated processes. Back in 2012, the Surrey-based manufacturing firm decided to swap several disparate IT systems in favour of SAP Business One to manage every aspect of its business.

Some of the issues the company was suffering from included data silos, a lack of integrated software and inaccurate insight into true production costs. But with the deployment of SAP Business One, Mollart witnessed not only improved production visibility but also profits.

“We’ve witnessed an increase in turnover by around 14% for the past two years since the implementation of SAP Business One,” said Mike Pragnell, Operations Director.

“SAP Business One has given us greater control of our inventory and decision-making. Restocking is a far simpler process now.”

Mike added that in addition SAP Business One has delivered accurate reports and reduced the complexity when completing marketing documents to be distributed to customers.

Furthermore, in addition to the SAP Business One manufacturing solution, Mollart also deployed a number of B1 Apps – a series of modules developed by IIS Group to customise ERP solutions with additional functionality.

Mollart and the IIS Group worked closely to further develop one module, B1 Production, to include tools such as for trial kitting, configure to order and work floor production processes in one solution. As a result, Mollart was awarded the IIS Group and SAP Run Faster Award for their use of SAP Business One and also selected as a finalist for the ICT in Manufacturing category at the Manufacturer of the Year Awards 2014.