Increased sales drive 250 new jobs at McLaren

Posted on 8 Jan 2016 by Fred Tongue

In 2015, McLaren sold more than 1,650 cars in a record year that has led to the creation of 250 new manufacturing positions.

The British sports car manufacturer ended 2015 with another record breaking year, as it has done every year since the company began production in 2010.

Production line of the McLaren P1.
Production line of the McLaren P1.

The global demand for McLaren’s vehicles has seen the company sell 1,654 cars across 30 markets last year.

Due to the increasing demand, the company has had to go on a recruitment drive at its McLaren Production Centre and has hired an extra 250 skilled production team members.

The record sales year also saw the manufacturer release five new models, as well as introducing the new three-tier product family.

Speaking about the company’s successful year, Secretary of State  for Business, Innovation and Skills, Sajid Javid commented: “McLaren road cars are some of the most iconic in the world and that is down to the excellence of British design, engineering and manufacturing.

“Today’s news that it is creating 250 new jobs is a sign that the UK auto industry continues to thrive. I was particularly impressed to hear that over half of all the components and parts that go into their cars are manufactured here in the UK, and this is creating countless more jobs in the supply chain.”

Alongside to the sales figure Mclaren also grow the company’s global retailer network to 80 retailers in 30 markets.

Sajid Javid visits McLaren Production Centre with CEO Mike Flewitt.
Sajid Javid visits McLaren Production Centre with CEO Mike Flewitt.

CEO of McLaren Automotive, Mike Flewitt said: “2015 was a year of rapid expansion for McLaren Automotive.

“When the company was set up in 2010, we set ourselves an ambition to launch one new car every year.  In 2015, we launched five.

“This accelerated development has led to yet another record year, with unprecedented levels of demand for all of our cars, especially the new Sports Series, for which we are currently holding more than six months worth of orders.

Flewitt continued: “The need to add a second shift in the McLaren Production Centre is another great example of the progress that McLaren Automotive has made in its short history.

“I look forward to receiving the 250 new production team members into the company shortly.  All of these developments in 2015 give me a very positive sense of confidence that our product range and long-term business plans are heading in exactly the right direction.”