Indoor Harvest and PUE 1.0 to develop HVAC systems for vertical farming

Posted on 16 Apr 2015 by Tim Brown

Indoor Harvest, a design build contractor of commercial grade aeroponic and hydroponic fixtures urban agriculture has announced a letter of intent with PUE 1.0 to design and build an engineered HVAC system for use in building integrated agriculture.

Indoor Harvest’s CEO and founder Chad Sykes commented: “This relationship, when finalized, will allow us to quickly round out our mechanical services by including HVAC systems. With a portfolio of existing designs for cultivation systems, including one patent pending, adding HVAC would position us to offer entire turn-key mechanical solutions for the indoor farming industry.

“We believe that the most important aspect of indoor farming is the HVAC system and that it’s been one area that has not seen any significant technological advances. By taking PUE 1.0’s existing proven HVAC system for the data center industry and adapting it to indoor farming, we’re hoping to be the first company to introduce a fully engineered, highly efficient indoor farming HVAC system.”

PUE 1.0 holds rights to use the patented KyotoWheel in their HVAC designs. According to PUE, its KyotoWheel provides access to more compressor-free cooling hours than any other heat exchanger on the market. Additionally, by using variable-speed compressors, combined with positioning the KyotoWheel in series with DX cooling, customers get partial compressor-free cooling for nearly the remainder of the year, anywhere in the world, and without water or bringing outside air into their facilities.

Under the terms of the letter of intent, it is anticipated that a final agreement will include the following terms: Indoor Harvest will be responsible for the design of a vertical farming system and its related systems. PUE 1.0 will be responsible for the design of a HVAC system to be used with Indoor Harvest’s vertical farming design. Both parties have agreed to share any data during the development stage.

PUE 1.0 will retain all rights to its intellectual property and any new intellectual property developed as part of the collaboration. Indoor Harvest will be provided exclusive rights to market and distribute the final design for a period to be determined by way of a memorandum of understanding, to be finalized in connection with the closing of terms outlined in our letter of intent with the City of Pasadena. During the development stage, all equipment to be provided by PUE 1.0 for the purpose of the technology and economic pilot to be constructed at the 112 N Walter property will be provided at cost.

Under a previously disclosed letter of intent, the companies intend to use the facilities provided by the City of Pasadena as both a technology and economic pilot integrating their vertical farm designs and PUE 1.0’s HVAC systems.