Industrial Strategy: time running out to offer input

Posted on 22 Mar 2017 by Jonny Williamson

UK manufacturers have until 17 April, 2017 to have thier voice and opinions heard by government in regards to its Industrial Strategy consultation, yet not enough small companies are making the most of the opportunity, according to Dr Steven Barr, managing director of the Hennik Edge consultancy.

The Manufacturer’s editorial director, Nick Peters hosts a conversation with Dr. Steven Barr, managing director of Hennik Edge and the Hennik Collaboratory, about the urgent need for SME manufacturers to make their voices heard in the debate over the UK’s developing Industrial Strategy.

There’s a danger that government won’t hear the very genuine concerns and the fresh ideas of small and medium-sized manufacturers, those business, for example, which are suffering most with skills shortages, in competition with much larger companies and as a result of being in locations away from the main industrial heartlands.

These isolated small and medium-sized manufacturers are also the ones in need of infrastructure investment to better connect them with opportunities.

SMEs are the lifeblood of UK industry, offering a secure source of high quality components and the breadth of ingenuity to develop new products and services. As such, their voices have to be heard.

Responses should be submitted no later than 11:45pm on 17 April 2017 using the CitizenSpace online consultation platform.

Alternatively, responses can be sent by email: [email protected], or to the following postal address:

Industrial Strategy Team Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,  1 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0ET

The government’s proposed Industrial Strategy lists “10 strategic pillars”:

  1. Investing in science, research and innovation
  2. Developing skills
  3. Upgrading infrastructure
  4. Supporting businesses to start and grow
  5. Improving procurement
  6. Encouraging trade and inward investment policy
  7. Delivering affordable energy and clean growth
  8. Cultivating world-leading sectors
  9. Driving growth across the whole country
  10. Creating the right institutions to bring together sectors and places