Innovating connectivity: Cable and drag chain system solutions

Posted on 15 Apr 2024 by The Manufacturer

It has been two years since the HELUKABEL acquisition of EKD Systems. Now, they are at full force supplying the world with ready-to-use cable system assemblies.

With industry-changing acquisition, HELUKABEL has been making groundbreaking strides. Since bringing EKD Systems aboard the HELUKABEL family in 2022, it has focussed on innovating production, assembly, and availability of custom drag chain solutions.

From inland sectors to industries out at sea, HELUKABEL is committed to being your single source for quality. The HELUKABEL product range offers everything you need for virtually any application, including cables, earthing concepts, drag chains, and accessories.

The What: Complete Drag Chain Systems

Combining the global manufacturing prowess of HELUKABEL with the specialised expertise of EKD systems allows the group to supply their customers with turnkey solutions.

Drag chains (also known as cable chains, energy chains, cable tracks, and cable carriers) are an essential component to increasing the efficacy and lifespan of your cables. HELUKABEL acquired EKD Systems to alleviate additional sourcing steps and produce ready-to-use cable systems tailored to your application.

Together, HELUKABEL and EKD Systems have closed the gap so you can focus on the things that matter: saving energy, increasing efficiency, and serving your customers.

The Who: Combining HELUKABEL and EKD Systems for Your Benefit

Since 1970, EKD Systems has been a family-run enterprise standing for quality and performance in the manufacturing of drag chains from their German production facilities. Likewise, HELUKABEL has been offering high-quality, reliable, and optimised cable solutions as the partner of choice for customers around the globe.

Today, the HELUKABEL portfolio offers a huge variety of cables and assemblies paired with the exact accessories you need for your industry. From robust steel drag chains capable of driving dynamic cable movement in hostile environments to plastic drag chains capable of providing light-weight cable protection. Their systems are found in virtually all industries.

  • Automation Technology
  • Automotive
  • Drilling
  • Energy
  • Food & Beverage
  • Lift & Aerial Work Platforms
  • Machine Tools
  • Material Handling
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Technologies
  • Mining
  • Packing Machinery
  • Port & Crane Technology
  • Shipbuilding & Repairs
  • Storage Equipment

The Where: Right Here in the UK and Globally

As a member of the HELUKABEL Group, EKD Systems is now part of a global enterprise with manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centres around the world. In fact, there are 69 locations across 40 countries with over 2,500 staff working to provide custom support and local distribution.

With expertise spanning the globe and the knowledge of thousands collaborating to produce outstanding-quality cables, drag chains, and cable accessories, the reliability of their product portfolio has been repeatedly validated. HELUKABEL set the standard for the uninterrupted transmission of power and data. Now, combined with protective EKD Systems drag chains, this dynamic solution is globally available.

Come and visit the HELUKABEL UK team at the 2024 Smart Manufacturing + Engineering Week from 5-6 June in the Drives & Controls Zone. They will be there to discuss all your energy and automation needs; including cables, drag chains, and cable accessories.

The When: Unbeaten Cable Drag Chain Lead Times

From the lightweight KOLIBRI plastic chain to the heavy duty GKA steel drag chain, EKD Systems’ expanding production capacities mean global product availability. With HELUKABEL’s strategic injection of capital, the continuous growth of EKD Systems brings you drag chains at industry-leading speeds.

The ingenuity of EKD Systems comes with many benefits; one of which is their flexibility to adapt to your specific application. With a modular design that enables individual chain lengths and properties, the entire system is easily customisable and quickly deliverable. So, there is no need to return to the drawing board.

The Why: Creating Efficiencies in Industrial Automation

HELUKABEL CEO Mark Luksch has stated, “Our goal is to supply customers not only with individual components, but with complete, pre-assembled, and ready-to-use system assemblies.”. The idea being to ensure the entire process is simplified for you:

  • Reduce the frequency of resupply orders
  • Establish a dependable lean manufacturing system
  • Organise, consolidate, and protect your cables in the first instance
  • Pair your cables with durable, flexible, and scalable drag chain assemblies
  • Streamline your cable and accessory acquisition process
  • Become your single contact partner for all your purchasing questions

To learn more about how HELUKABEL and EKD Systems can innovate your energy and data transmission, contact our team today. You’ll have access to support in identifying the right cables, drag chains, and accessories to custom-fit a solution that channels power, flexibility, efficiency, and success.

Call us on +44 (0)151 345 0808 or email the team at [email protected].

Innovating Connectivity: Cable and Drag Chain System SolutionsJade Berry is Marketing Executive at HELUABEL UK and leads The HELUKABEL UK digital communication strategy to expand awareness and application of high-quality industrial cables, wires, and cable accessories. Stay connected with our LinkedIn.



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