Innovative ways to use lighting in commercial construction

Posted on 6 Jun 2015 by The Manufacturer

If you are in the construction industry looking to stay a step ahead of the competition, innovative features in design can keep your company in the forefront.

If you are in the construction industry looking to stay a step ahead of the competition, innovative features in design can keep your company in the forefront. This means that you must create designs that are trendy but with features that are a step ahead of the competition.

With the current focus on green energy, why not look for innovative ways to use lighting in commercial construction? Businesses will thank you for finding ways to save them money in the long-term whilst providing them with a building designed to have that cutting-edge appeal. Consider the following ways in which you can work with lighting for commercial construction.

Take Advantage of Natural Sunlight

One of the best ways to help your customers keep their energy bills lower is to help them take advantage of natural sunlight. Depending on the building plans, if the commercial building calls for a flat roof, have you considered monopitch rooflights? These are sometimes referred to as out-of-plane skylights and are ideally suited for those portions of a building that juts out from the side.

Typically covering a larger area than a traditional skylight, monopitch skylights are able to let in ample sunlight to save electricity during daylight hours. Monopitch rooflights are readily available to contractors from B2B wholesalers such as Whitesales.

Modular Dome Rooflights

Many businesses are reluctant to utilise traditional skylights as they don’t afford an adequate amount of security against forced entry. Modular Dome Rooflights are installed in such a way that once bolted in, there is no tampering with them in the absence of special tools. These can provide sound reduction features and can also block external noises and can filter out much of the outside street noises with a special glazing technique. You can assure your customers that you are constructing a building that can take advantage of the sun’s light with rooflights that are up to 250 times stronger than traditional glass skylights.

Give Them a Window to the Sky

When a business is looking for the ultimate savings on the cost of lighting, why not give them a literal window to the sky? Continuous rooflights are both a skylight and a window that opens to let fresh air in on warm and sunny days. In this way, you are using just one product that provides the benefits of three very different features. Continuous rooflights function as a roof, but also as a skylight and as a window as well.

Today’s businesses are looking for ways to cut energy costs without sacrificing style, so with the innovative use of rooflights, you can give them exactly what they are looking for. They can take advantage of natural sunlight so that their usage of electricity is significantly reduced. The biggest part of an energy budget is often taken up by lighting, so by saving them money you help to increase their bottom line. Build a name for your construction company as the one that offers energy-saving, cost effective lighting solutions for businesses.