Innovator-academia-industry collaboration aims to accelerate development of renewable power technology through digital manufacturing principles

Posted on 14 Jun 2022 by The Manufacturer

IPG, the AME and SDE Technology announce a new collaboration to co-develop the manufacturing blueprint of a renewable power generation solution that will that will help accelerate product development and create value for all through shared IP.

IPG, developers of renewable generator technology; the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME), a collaboration between Coventry University and Unipart Manufacturing; and SDE Technology, tier-1 and tier-2 manufacturing experts, announce today a joint alliance to co-develop the blueprint for volume manufacture of the IPG Flameless Generator, IPG’s clean-and-green replacement to the diesel generator.

This integrated approach is rooted in the principles of digital manufacturing developed by the AME, aimed at incentivising greater and earlier engagement between established manufacturers and start-ups. This collaboration unites academia, industry and innovators to demonstrate the potential for accelerating new product development, and securing greater value for all through manufacturing blueprints that are ready to scale. Acting as a “test case” for Dr Marcos Kauffman’s vision for the future of manufacturing in Industry 4.0, the strategic collaboration with AME and SDE will allow IPG to ‘ground truth’ the co-developed digital twin blueprint into a real-world manufacturing setting, underpinning the route to cost-effective manufacture of their product.

This will be achieved through implementation of proposed manufacturing and assembly processes, and investigation into scaling methodologies to transition into high-volume production. Establishing this blueprint will also enable a further, more detailed, relationship to be formed between IPG and SDE Technology as IPG’s route to market progresses.

“The traditional route to manufacture presents a number of challenges for early-stage hardware technology developers like IPG. Start-ups often find themselves in a seemingly impossible loop in which it is crucial to have a clear route to volume manufacture of their product to secure investment and customer backing, but unable to define this at the first stages of commercialisation,” said Toby Gill, CEO of IPG.

“Establishing the digital twin for manufacture of the IPG Flameless Generator, with the AME and backed by industry-experts SDE, will not only give our investors greater confidence in the cost-effective manufacturability of our product. But looking a few years down the line, it will also give us a blueprint that can be reproduced across multiple geographies, facilitating a move into global markets, and also allowing for scaling at a national level,” said Gill.

“Sharing in the IP of a co-created manufacturing blueprint establishes a framework that will allow all to share in the rewards of an accelerated route to market of a promising product offering. For climate tech start-ups such as IPG, early collaboration is invaluable as it allows them to draw on the expertise of industry experts like SDE to support and de-risk the route to scaled manufacturing. For manufacturing companies, providing this support sets the groundwork for an in-depth commercial relationship once the product demonstrates market success,” said Marcos Kauffman, Director of AME.

“I am looking forward to bringing our track record of working with the industry, and our capabilities in digital manufacturing and digital twinning to accelerate the manufacture of the IPG Flameless Generator,” said Kauffman.

“We are very excited to be working with IPG creating their blueprint for volume manufacture of the IPG Flameless Generator,” said Richard Homden, CEO of SDE Technology. “Not only does this new way of working offer a route to expedite cost-effective manufacturing for startups like IPG. It will also allow for greater transparency across the entire process, allowing for an in-depth understanding of a product’s true carbon footprint. This marks a very important step towards aligning the industry with our net zero objectives, which is why I believe this to be an excellent opportunity in time to be working with IPG on their product to help us reach these goals.”