Introducing the new Virtue EV Rapid Charging Stations

Posted on 21 Oct 2016 by The Manufacturer

Virtue is an integrated energy management and micro-grid solution with smart grid control.

Virtue EV Rapid Charging Stations are forming an integral part in the future development of Smart Cities, enabling energy generated from sources such as wind and solar to be stored locally and ultimately more efficiently.

Introducing the new Virtue EV Rapid Charging Stations - The Internet of Energy - Image courtesy of Virtue.

By allowing ultimate flexibility to business users and electricity grid operators, Virtue enables the evolution from the traditional model of electricity provision to a future smart system of integrated supply and consumption, resulting in lower energy costs, greater security of the supply and transition to a low carbon economy.

Sharing the Storage

As more companies are looking to invest in electric vehicles (EV), the need for convenient and rapid charging is becoming apparent.

However, large numbers of EV’s connecting to the National Grid will have a significant impact upon the Distribution Network, causing major network overloads – unless appropriate management systems and network upgrading occurs.

Not only is this issue applicable to the grid operators, but also business owners who have the issue of a limited supply, and face potential costly supply upgrades.

Virtue EV is a rapid/fast charging system which utilises battery storage to limit the amount of energy required from the network at any given time. The system doesn’t just provide feasible rapid charging services; it also offers:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Smart Grid integration
  • UPS functionality
  • CO2 reduction
  • Renewable connectivity

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