£400,000 investment sees firm boost productivity by 27%

Posted on 17 Mar 2016 by Fred Tongue

British manufacturer of gardening, catering and technical products, Stewart, has invested in its manufacturing capability in order to increase productivity.

The business is spending £400,000 to install a Ferry RotoSpeed RS-3000 rotational moulding machine at its factory in Banbury.

Stewart expects the machine to contribute an increase of 27% in production output in like-for-like manufacturing patterns within a year.

Stewart Ferry RotoSpeed RS-3000 rotational moulding machine
Stewart Ferry RotoSpeed RS-3000 rotational moulding machine.

The machine is also expected to allow greater capacity to grow in the rotational moulding category, which is largely centred around decorative pot planters in the garden sector.

Andy Burns, managing director at Stewart, said the upgrade is linked to the company’s commitment to improving manufacturing capacity, efficiency and speed.

He commented: “The Ferry RotoSpeed RS-3000 will help us realise our growth potential and enhance our reputation for quality, timely and accurate production.

“Our analysis shows that the payback period for this investment will be relatively short. Due to the high performance and efficiency of this machine it will do more than three of the existing ones put together. So our productivity will be up considerably in comparison to our current capacity very soon. This is a sizeable investment that proves once again that Stewart is a committed market leader.”

Established for 34 years and owned by Chicago-based holding company, Madison Industries, Ferry Industries Inc. is a well-known supplier of machinery.

Stewart will use its new Ferry RotoSpeed RS-3000 to continue to produce decorative planters, the fastest growing category in its business.