It’s the economy, stupid

Posted on 30 Apr 2010 by The Manufacturer

All three Party leaders have failed to demonstrate that they grasp the necessary vision to re-build and re-balance the UK economy, says EEF.

As such, they are perpetuating a sterile debate that focuses too much on specifics rather than a wider, bolder strategy to tackle the immense challenges the UK faces in the next decade.

Commenting on last night’s debate, EEF chief executive, Terry Scuoler, said: “Manufacturers wanted to hear that all three leaders possessed a vision of how the next government will think and act differently and that, whatever the outcome of the election, they will have the political maturity and courage to implement a bold economic strategy to create a new type of economy.

“This includes a radical rethink of government and public sector spending, creating a competitive and modern tax system and ensuring a greater role for an agile and dynamic manufacturing base.

“Instead, what we heard was a sterile debate that failed to give reassurance that they understand the immense economic challenges the UK faces and, the vision as to how they will tackle them to create investment and jobs here in the UK. Yet again, they were also less than frank about the tough choices that we have to make in terms of tackling the deficit and where the balance will fall between tax and spending cuts.”