Kingsland Drinks adds sparkle to UK wine industry

Posted on 20 Apr 2016 by Jonny Williamson

Kingsland Drinks has unveiled its brand new carbonation line, an installation that makes the company the first and only UK bottler to sparkle wine.

In response to the rising demand for sparkling wine, Kingsland Drinks’ carbonation line can fill between 12,600 and 15,000 bottles per hour and will kick off by sparkling two of Kingsland’s own brands, Shorn Pinot Grigio and Live White Zinfandel.

The line will also be used to bottle still wine, complementing the existing four lines that operate at Kingsland’s Irlam site in Manchester.

Managing director of Kingsland Drinks, Andy Sagar commented: “It’s a new and exciting piece of kit that provides our customers with new profitable and sustainable options for capitalising on the success of the sparkling category.

“We now have the ability to ‘sparkle up’ their customers’ favourite wines, and also develop new sparkling propositions that bring excitement to the wine category.”

Sagar continued: “Recent findings from our consumer insight programme, WinePRO, show that there’s an increasing thirst for sparkling products across all demographics.

“Given the widely reported challenges to Prosecco supply and increasing costs, the new line is the perfect opportunity to look for credible alternatives.”

With a rich heritage of more than 60 years, Kingsland Drinks aim is to become the leading premier independent supplier of wine and spirits in the UK.

Its business currently accounts for 9% of the total UK wine market, with annual sales volume standing at around 90 million litres. With a portfolio encompassing more than 100 brands and producers from 13 countries, Kingsland’s range covers entry to super premium in key wine countries that sell in the UK.