Lancashire paint producer chosen for Made By Britain

Posted on 29 Sep 2011 by The Manufacturer

Crown Paints has been selected by its local MP for the Government’s Made By Britain initiative.

Darwen MP Jake Berry chose the 200-year-old manufacturer after considering submissions from companies and products made in his constituency.

The company has been added to a map of examples of the best of manufacturing from across the UK. The list has been compiled by the Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group at the request of Business Secretary Vince Cable.

Dave McCombe, Crown Paints’ head of manufacturing, said: “Although we are a national brand, we are proud of our manufacturing roots in Lancashire, so to be selected for Made By Britain is both important and a boost for our staff. As a company we are passionate about manufacturing and working to introduce a new generation of talent to the sector, as we do with our apprenticeship schemes.

Being part of Made By Britain will help to further emphasise that modern manufacturing is something to celebrate, support and promote.”

Crown makes 240 varieties of paint and coatings, all of which are manufactured at Darwen, which is also the company’s head office, and Hull, the other key production site. Crown Paints launched the It’s Personal campaign earlier this year, including high-profile TV adverts shown across the UK.

Made By Britain was set up by Mr Cable in a show of support for manufacturing. At the time Crown Paints welcomed the initiative, saying the sector had “lacked support and vision from politicians” in the past.