New venture launch to revive fashion manufacture in Plymouth

Posted on 13 Feb 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Plymouth College of Art and Millfields Trust are jointly launching a new venture, Makers HQ, a company created to provide cut, make and trim services to the fashion industry, with strong focus on achieving ethical, British manufacture.

The College and Millfields Trust are launching a company to support British fashion manufacture – image courtesy of Plymouth College of Art.

Power to Change, the independent trust supporting community businesses in England, provided £184,000 of funding to make the project possible.

This is complemented by the £96,000 funded by Social Enterprise Investment Fund from Plymouth City Council.

The city of Plymouth has a rich heritage in fashion and textile manufacture, with the Millfields Trust HQ building on Union Street formerly acting as home to the Jaeger clothing factory, until its closure in 1997.

Plymouth College of Art and Millfields Trust are working together to reignite the fashion manufacturing sector within the South West and reimagine how a fashion factory can drive economic and community regeneration.

Makers HQ will bring together academic institutions, businesses, designers, makers and members of the local community to create a sustainable and innovative new business model for the fashion and textiles sector in Plymouth.

The company aims to drive community regeneration, initially within the Stonehouse area, through job creation, increased retention of highly-skilled graduates and training opportunities.

Around 250 jobs were lost 21 years ago when the Jaeger factory closed, with a large number of those skilled workers still residing in the area.

Plymouth has a heritage of making and manufacturing, and Plymouth College of Art and Millfields Trust hope that Makers HQ will help to re-establish the city’s historical links to the fashion industry.

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