Linseed paint manufacturer appointed to deliver first collaborative transatlantic events for RIBA

Posted on 6 Apr 2022 by The Manufacturer

Michiel Brouns, a natural paints expert and CEO of Leeds-based linseed paint manufacturer Brouns & Co, has been commissioned to deliver a programme of continuing professional development (CPD) events with the US chapter of the Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA-USA.

In the first transatlantic collaboration of its kind, Mr Brouns, a leading expert on property restoration and sustainability, is due to deliver the CPD workshops for architects in the US on the use of linseed paint, which is ideal for sustainably coating and preserving timber.

Taking place in conjunction with the British Consulate and the Department for International Trade, the seminars will take place in Boston and New York in April and May. The sessions will inform US architects how linseed paint can benefit US projects, and explain how and why it is used and its applications for historic properties and new builds.

Michiel Brouns said: “Linseed paint is undergoing a renaissance, especially in the US states where early European settlers constructed the timber buildings that survive to this day. From our base in Yorkshire, where the flax that is the paint’s principal ingredient is grown, Brouns & Co are seeing a surge in US orders, as Americans with historic timber properties to renovate and preserve turn to linseed paint as an ideal and totally sustainable coating, both inside and out.”

He added: “As one of only a handful of manufacturers of linseed paint globally, we are evangelical about its unique properties. I’m really excited about this collaboration with the US chapter of RIBA, which will help to spread the word about this paint and its tremendous potential for American buildings both ancient and modern.”

Catherine Clark, president of RIBA-USA said: “We believe the role of architects includes helping to shape the built environment to become a healthier space for everyone. Linseed paint, with its incredible sustainability and durability credentials, is set to play a much greater role in reducing the environmental impact of building design and renovation here in the US and we’re thrilled to be able to work with Brouns & Co in this collaborative way.”

The inaugural CPD event takes place in at the British Consulate in Boston at the end of April. The New York linseed paint workshop is on 24 May, at the studios of award-winning architects Fairfax & Sammons and will be accessible via Zoom, enabling a potentially unlimited audience of qualified architects and students to join the session online.