Litre Meter acquired by Tasi Group

Posted on 30 Nov 2011 by The Manufacturer

The UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of custom flowmeters has become part of the US-based Tasi Group.

The acquisition means that Litre Meter now has close links with a number of companies in the flow and control sector including AW Lake, KEM and TRICOR.

Litre Meter CEO, Charles Wemyss, said: “By becoming a part of Tasi Group, Litre Meter can now provide its customers with an enhanced range of flow meter solutions including positive displacement, mass flow and coriolis meters across an increased global range.”

In addition to its own range of custom flow meters, Litre Meter delivers a range of other flow meter technologies – including the coriolis meters, which provide a true mass flow rate measurement, rather than measuring a metric unit it measures in kilograms/grams per hour.  The company supplies a range of industry sectors including oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, metallurgical, electrical energy, food processing and manufacturing.

A Tasi Group spokesperson said: “With this acquisition, the Tasi Group adds a significant capability in low flow metering technology to its flow platform portfolio. Litre Meter’s expertise in extremely low flow, high pressure applications with aggressive fluids has made it a leader in the up-stream oil and gas recovery industry.”