Luxus to recycle East Yorkshire’s blue bins

Posted on 5 Oct 2011 by The Manufacturer

East Yorkshire Council has chosen Lincolnshire-based independent plastics recycling company Luxus to recycle its existing blue bins - making room for new 240 litre ones.

The scheme, called ‘Bin2Bin’, will cover almost all of the area’s 149,000 homes. The Council aims to recycle around 90 tonnes worth of the existing bins every month in order to complete the project in January next year.

Under the scheme, the Council will move all the existing bins to a Luxus plant where they will washed, shredded and then granulated. The resulting granulate is then mixed with additives and colours ready for sale to bin manufacturers, and the council receives a weight return ticket to claim land tax credits.

According to the Council, Luxus’ ability to provide a prompt and reliable collection service is critical, as it has limited storage capacity for the old bins.

Managing director of Luxus Peter Atterby said: “Our aim has always been to offer an effective revenue generating closed loop service for this growing market. Our ‘Bin2Bin’ scheme provides a sustainable purchasing option, lower waste costs and a reduction in the volume of waste going to landfill.”

Project manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council Andy Height said: “From 2010 to 2011 we collected over 13,500 tonnes of paper, cans and plastic bottles.”

“With the introduction of our new high capacity bins for kerbside collection and Luxus’ support, it will now be possible to collect glass and additional plastics, increasing our collections to over 21,000 tonnes annually,” he added.

George Archer