MAN welcomes 10th member – Lightning Aerospace

Posted on 23 Sep 2011 by The Manufacturer

The Midlands Assembly Network (MAN) has welcomed its newest member Lightning Aerospace – supplier of fabrication and harnesses to the MoD.

Lightning Aerospace recently experienced a management buy-out from manufacturing entrepreneur Andrew Redfern, who has led the company to achieve an annual turnover of £3m for the first time since the company’s formation in 1992. The company employs 32 people across three sites in the area around Coventry.

Due to recent investments, the company offers an in-house profile cutting service using both water and laser jet cutting machines for prototype work and high volume production.

Mr Redfern said that joining MAN represented an opportunity for Lightning Aerospace to push itself forward as a successful company, as it would be able to “split exhibition costs” and take advantage of new sales opportunities.

“Naturally, the new sales opportunities that will come from being part of the group was a major attraction, but we are also keen to tap into the knowledge of the nine other businesses when dealing with everyday issues,” said Redfern.

He continued: “We are looking forward to really exploring the strength of the brand in all of our marketing material.”

Man is a group of sub-contractors that shares methods of best practice, trades between members and combines efforts to win new business from domestic and international procurers and buyers. It has already proved its effectiveness in winning new contracts: so far the coalition has secured over £10m worth of contracts.

Chairman of MAN Gerry Dunne added his support: “[Lightning Aerospace’s] expertise in fabrication and specialist harnesses ensures we can offer the customer a complete ‘manufacturing solution’, including all mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering processes.”

George Archer