Manufacturer for life? Not anymore, survey finds

Posted on 10 Aug 2011 by The Manufacturer

A survey conducted by the global workforce solutions company, Kelly Services, indicates that over 40% of UK respondents said they expect to leave the industry in the next five years.

The survey, called the Kelly Global Workforce Index, found that 26% of manufacturers said that they wanted a better work-life balance, 22% wanted to pursue a career because of changing personal interests, and 19% sought better pay.

Other findings of the survey relating to the UK include the fact that 59% of manufacturers say they aspire to an executive position, while 36% do not. Another notable finding was that 91% of manufacturers say that it is either “extremely important” or “important” that qualifications and skills be upgraded in order to progress their career.

Dominic Graham, head of professional and technical Services, Kelly Services said: “As individuals take greater control of their careers in manufacturing there is a likelihood of employees moving in and out of the workforce for both professional and lifestyle reasons.

He added: “Employers and employees will both need to adapt to this new workplace reality, where the smooth career pathway will be the exception rather than the rule.”

The Kelly Global Workforce Index obtained the views of approximately 97,000 people in 30 countries, including around 2,200 in the U.K. For more information about these survey results and other key global findings, please visit the Kelly Global Workforce Index.

George Archer