Manufacturers reveal IoT importance despite transformation issues

Posted on 20 Nov 2017 by Jonny Williamson

According to a new study from HSO, 43% of manufacturing managers believe that IoT solutions are critical for driving a successful engineering approach, but they lack the appropriate degree of digital culture required for progress.

Manufacturers are severely lagging behind other industries when it comes to digital transformation – image courtesy of HSO

Of the 250 respondents, 31% also label machine learning as critical while implementing predictive engineering, but understanding the importance of these technologies if not necessarily helping them to implement them.

Manufacturers are severely lagging behind other industries when it comes to digital transformation.

In terms of numbers, 26% of respondents admitted their business lacked digital culture, while another 24% complained that here is a need for a greater technology infrastructure in their business, making advanced technology like predictive engineering impossible.

A vast majority of managers (88%)  admit technology plays a key role in the implementation of predictive engineering, and the frustration many of these hold at not being able to keep up is palpable in the survey results.

Mark Breeden, Senior Account Manager at HSO commented: “It is interesting to discover that over a quarter of managers believe there is a lack of digital culture in their business and this could be preventing them from implementing new beneficial technology programmes.

“The research demonstrates that many businesses are missing opportunities due to technology restraints within their business’ culture. Manufacturers need tools at their disposal to be able to implement these new efficient technology programmes across the production chain.

“Technologies such as IoT and machine learning are clearly being recognised as very important by Manufacturing managers, so I hope it is just a matter of time before programmes such as predictive engineering are increasingly used throughout the industry.”