Manufacturers support plan for aviation green growth

Posted on 24 Mar 2011 by The Manufacturer

A|D|S has today welcomed the publication of the 2011 Sustainable Aviation Progress Report, acknowledging that aviation can boost the economy while simultaneously improving its environmental performance.

The document was produced by a coalition of organisations from across the UK’s aviation industry – airlines, airport operators, aircraft manufacturers and air traffic management – that aims to set out how the future growth of the UK economy will be underpinned by aviation.
The report also highlights practical action being taken across the sector to deliver both economic and environmental benefits. It updates progress on a number of goals and commitments that the industry has made to maximise the positive effects of aviation, while simultaneously further reducing its environmental impact.

Graham Chisnall, managing director, aerospace and operations of A|D|S, said: “The Government has put growth and sustainability at the heart of its priorities. The whole UK aviation industry shares these goals and today’s report demonstrates how airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and air traffic management services are all committed to working together to continue meeting the dual challenges of economic growth and environmental sustainability.

“Aerospace in the UK recognises that in order to grow and generate the benefits to the country in terms of jobs, global trade and growth we have to demonstrate we can do so while further reducing our impact on the environment. The Sustainable Aviation initiative plays a crucial role in bringing the entire aviation industry together to deliver this dual benefit and today’s report highlights our considerable progress in practical terms.”

A 2008 roadmap published by Sustainable Aviation in 2008 sets out how the UK industry can reduce its emissions to 2000 levels by 2050 while simultaneously meeting an estimated threefold rise in passenger demand over the same period through the use of new technology, systems and alternative fuels.

In the past, the coalition put forward initiatives such as the ‘Perfect Flight’ (the delivery of an optimum flight profile on an A321 flight from London to Edinburgh, which registered fuel savings of around 11%)and the publication of the ‘Aircraft Cabin Waste Recycling Guide’.