Manufacturers welcome extended diplomas

Posted on 7 Mar 2008 by The Manufacturer

Proposals announced today to introduce a fourth tier of Extended Diplomas were welcomed by Britain’s manufacturers as a further attempt to ensure the new curriculum delivers excellence.

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation has consistently supported the Diplomas so long as they have sufficient rigour to be accepted as a route to Higher Education. It believes today’s proposals will provide a further boost to their reputation.
Commenting, EEF Chairman, Martin Temple, said:
“This is a welcome step in cementing the rigour and prestige of Diplomas and their acceptance by students, employers and the academic community. We may now be seeing the beginning of the end of the difference in standing between vocational and academic education.
“The key now is to ensure that the different levels are clearly understood by all parties to avoid any risk that their laudible intentions will be undermined by any confusion.”