Manufacturing millenials meet the grade

Posted on 11 Jun 2008 by The Manufacturer

Young workers in the manufacturing industry are loyal to employers, morally driven and career-focussed, according to a report released today by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Quantitative and qualitative studies were carried out on manufacturing sector managers aged 35 and under. The research sourced figures that contradict stereotypical views of Generation Y – or ‘millennials’ – as work-shy, disloyal and apathetic to the cause.

Though cross-sector research has found millennials tend to change jobs frequently, in the manufacturing sector 73 per cent said they chose roles because of long-term career development opportunities. Training schemes were valued by 71 per cent. Only 17 per cent said money was the most important factor as to where they worked.

Thirty-six per cent are prepared to put in extra hours in the evenings and 29 per cent at weekends to get jobs done and to help their careers. Only 15 per cent would quit their jobs if they won the lottery while 97 per cent believe there is a benefit in staying loyal to an organisation.

In the age of growing awareness of the importance of green business and corporate social responsibility, 86 per cent look for roles in manufacturing companies which share their beliefs while 36 per cent ‘would only work for organisations with strong values’.

With skills shortages and apathy towards engineering training reported in many areas of the manufacturing sector, the research from CMI provides a boost in confidence to employers considering investing in further training schemes to develop existing staff.

“It is clear from the study that younger mangers wish to acquire transferable skills (and) this should be welcomed,” said Vanessa Lawrence, director general of Ordnance Survey. “The research confirms that there is considerable value in investing in training, both for the individual and the employer,” she added.

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