Manufacturing Operations Management: pragmatism vs transformation?

Posted on 14 Feb 2017 by The Manufacturer

Industry 4.0 is changing the rules of the road for manufacturers – but how can companies achieve a step change in performance using new technologies, while minimising the uncertainty of change and the associated financial risk?

Five innovative manufacturing technologies - Manufacturing Operations Stock Image
Personalisation is driving SKU volumes, but how can manufacturers manage increasing supply chain complexity?

Manufacturing operations is changing. Do you still have the tools for the job?

According to Jonathan Gray, Vice President of Hitachi Consulting, manufacturers need to “think agile, think low risk, start small and scale fast”.

Where many technology companies extol the virtues of ‘big transformation projects’ – Gray argues that manufacturers typically look for a more pragmatic, iterative approach.

“Manufacturers are keen to talk about Industry 4.0, and when they do, often their highest priority is to ready themselves for servitization,” he shares. “However, at the same time they are looking for immediate opportunities to improve operational performance in supply chain and manufacturing.”

The need to balance these competing priorities is one of the reasons why Supply Chain talent is stepping out of the shadows and into the limelight, according to Vikram Singla, Product Innovation & Supply Chain Applications Leader, Oracle UK & Ireland.

“Supply chain executives are moving from functional to business leaders in many organisations,” he explains. “If you don’t deliver the service, your revenues get hit. We’re seeing the continuing elevation of the importance of the supply chain.”

Gray and Singla are speaking at an upcoming webinar – Industry 4.0, Servitization & the Connected Enterprise (16 March, 11:00 GMT) – where they will discuss the parallel developments of Industry 4.0 and Servitization, and their impact on the role of operations, as well as field questions from manufacturers.

Participants will also receive a recording of the full webinar, including slides, along with an Industry 4.0 eBook, featuring real-world implementation case studies and user perspectives from a range of leading manufacturers, as well as Hitachi Consulting and Oracle.

This manufacturing webinar is the first in a series produced by The Manufacturer, in collaboration with Oracle and Hitachi Consulting. Future topics being covered include: ‘Connected Demand & Logistics’ and ‘Connected Product, Service & Manufacturing’.

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