Manufacturing webinar

Posted on 26 May 2010 by The Manufacturer

Business IT software company Infor is hosting a 30 minute global manufacturing webinar on June 8 at 2pm GMT, led by chief strategy officer Bruce Richardson.

This, the first of two live webcasts, coincides with the launch of a major survey the challenges manufacturing business leaders face today.
The webinar will explore:
• The impact of the economic downturn on the global manufacturing industry
• The outlook for the global manufacturing industry – comparing relative prospects across vertical industries
• The impact of manufacturing business pressures on IT strategy for the next decade
• How manufacturers can strive for operational excellence
“The economy is continuing to be the central talking point for manufacturers,” says Andrew Kinder, Infor’s industry solutions director, Infor. “However, we’re seeing some very encouraging growth signs in a number of countries and industry sectors. It seemed the right time to instigate what we believe to be one of the largest global surveys of the manufacturing base with IDC and IBM and better understand what today’s pressures are. The webinar series will uncover some very interesting findings from the survey and provide a better understanding of what manufacturers are looking for. ”
This, the first of two live webcasts that will explore the challenges manufacturing business leaders face today,
Bruce Richardson adds: “What are your concerns for the next decade? What business strategies and initiatives are you deploying to meet your goals? And what is the role of IT in supporting your initiatives? Is IT helping you or does our industry to need to find a different way, a better way to support you? I want to hear from you and take your questions.”

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