More than 60% of businesses dissatisfied with their ERP

Posted on 11 Sep 2014 by The Manufacturer

ERP software must adapt or die, as an estimated 143,200 UK businesses - 60% of those using the systems - are less than satisfied with it.

They want mobility, freedom and collaboration for competitive advantage, say the findings of new global research from Redshift and Epicor Software Corporation, a business software solution provider for manufacturing and distributors.

“It’s concerning that while the majority of organisations place high importance on ERP many are underwhelmed by the performance of their current systems,” said Steve Winder, regional vice president for Epicor in the UK and Ireland.

80% of the 1,500 business professionals surveyed say their ERP system is critical to business performance, and 60% have invested in the software in the past two years. However, over half rate their current ERP as adequate or basic. And UK customers are dissatisfied with ERP almost 10% higher than the average.

The UK also shows the lowest incidences of ERP investment, at just 5% of organisations, compared to a global average of 11%.

However, there were positives: 70% of UK employees can access ERP on the move, compared to an average of 58% globally, and lows of 36% in Finland and 45% in Germany.

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