Markforged high-strength, high-temp 3D printed fiberglass

Posted on 22 Mar 2016 by Tim Brown

Markforged, the 3D printer manufacturer, has revealed its latest 3D printable material is super strong fiberglass.

According to Markforged, the new 3D printed fiberglass material is twice as strong as the company’s standard fiberglass material and has a 30% higher heat deflection point (140°C).

Markforged customers will now be able to use the company’s Mark Two printer to 3D print fiberglass parts for use in multitude of applications including for “under hood” parts.

By reinforcing nylon parts with continuous strands of carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, and now high-strength high-temperature (HSHT) Fiberglass, Markforged says the Mark Two prints parts as strong as aluminum for everything from functional prototyping, tooling and fixtures, to customized end-use parts.

Markforged CEO Greg Mark described 2016 as the “year of materials” and said that throughout the year the company will release “stronger, more advanced materials” that will expand the range of parts that can be 3D printed.

In addition to the launch of the HSHT fiberglass, Markforged is officially shipping the Mark Two industrial strength 3D printer. Announced at SolidWorks World 2016 in the beginning of February, the first Mark Twos started shipping to customers before the end of February.

High-Strength, High-Temperature fiberglass is available with the Mark Two Enterprise Kit.