Mechatronics assist build

Posted on 3 Dec 2009 by The Manufacturer

Rockwell automation has introduced a new mechatronic solutions portfolio designed to help machine building.

In traditional machine building, individual mechanical, control and electrical design teams work independently to produce separate pieces of the overall machine. To optimize the available mix of technologies, there needs to be a synergistic blend between the different engineering disciplines. This is precisely what mechatronics aims to deliver.

New software tools help machine builders reap the full benefits of mechatronics by making it faster and easier to select, size and optimize motion control systems. With Motion Analyzer software from Rockwell Automation, for example, engineers simply enter information about the load and how it needs to be moved, and the software selects a suitable motor-drive combination. From a pull-down menu, designers can then select an actuator, for instance, without having to figure out complex calculations or look up specifications in the manufacturer’s data sheets.

The updated Motion Analyzer software also now allows for interoperability with SolidWorks 3D CAD software. This aids to shorten lead times and delivers a graphical environment for designing machines and motion profiles.

The software also provides performance and simulation analysis that helps engineers more effectively investigate machine behaviour and select a mechanical design — along with the optimum controls and software — that will maximize machine performance.