Merford aims to significantly reduce UK noise pollution

Posted on 2 May 2016 by Jonny Williamson

Merford, a leading specialist in industrial noise control, is launching in the UK with the aim of significantly reducing noise pollution.

With more than 60 years’ experience and a portfolio of tried and tested acoustic products, Merford is quietly innovating European societies creating a noise-free environment that benefits everyone.

According to the company, there’s a growing need for innovative and cost effective solutions to tackle noise pollution across all industries in the UK.

Merford Noise Control’s UK account manage

Gary Dawson, UK account manager, Merford Noise Control.
Gary Dawson, UK account manager, Merford Noise Control.

r, Gary Dawson explained: “Generally speaking, noise control equipment hasn’t developed at the same pace as other fields of engineering; most noise control products manufactured today are very similar to what was being made in the 1950’s.”

Tackling this issue, Merford has identified two prevalent trends making noise control an urgent need across Britain.

The increased density of populations in major cities has seen residential areas ‘merging’ with more traditional commercial and industrial spaces. People and industry are literally ‘growing towards each other’, which increases noise levels and the likelihood of noise complaints.

At the same time, people are much more aware of the damaging effects of noise pollution on their health and wellbeing, and are no longer willing to simply ‘put up’ with excessive noise.

In the UK, noise is being recognised as an environmental problem, due to the potentially serious effect it can have on people’s health, for example: sleep disturbance, poorer work performance and, in some cases, cardiovascular issues.

Utilising its range of unique and innovative noise reducing technologies, including active-noise reduction of electricity substations near urban areas, Merford is looking to build on the significant number of major companies across Europe its already worked with, including  Caterpillar, BMW and,  ABB to name but a few.