New apprenticeship pack for future engineers launched

Posted on 16 Oct 2017 by Jonny Williamson

Manufacturer and designer of workholding systems for metal cutting, welding and assembly, Hyfore, has launched new apprenticeship packs for the engineers in the future.  

It contains as well the Zeus booklet, which contains all the data you will need on drill sizes and decimal equivalents – image courtesy of Hyfore

Hyfore, which employs 36 people at its base in Coventry, has put together a new apprenticeship pack

The kit contains all of the essential tools and equipment they will need in order to complete their learning and take their first steps on their career path.

The firm has used its experience of industry to source eight different items, including a digital caliper, external micrometers (0-25 and 25-50), a thickness gauge and a pocket scribe.

It also contains the legendary Zeus booklet, which contains all the data apprentices will need on drill sizes and decimal equivalents, not to mention details of all popular threads, tapping and clearance drills.

Rob Beckett, workholding product manager at Hyfore, explained: “Apprenticeships are very much in the news and there seems to be a renewed desire to grow our own engineers.

“We wanted to do something to support this drive and decided to look at creating an Apprentice Pack that would give the individual all the tools they need to get started in one easy to use box.”

Hyfore has become a critical partner to manufacturers looking for bespoke jigs, fixtures, gauges and workholding systems for use on CNC machining centres.

The company has also invested heavily in its standard workholding offer, with the launch of a new website that gives manufacturers access to more than 40,000 products at any one time.

These range from off-the-shelf vices, collets, gauges and chucks to specialist parts, including pallet changers and 4th and 5th axis tables.

Beckett added: “This is just the start…we aim to be at about 100,000 products by the end of the year, making it arguably the best stocked virtual shop in the world. Our work in bespoke workholding gives us a great insight into what customers need and how quickly they require it.”