Midlands Assembly Network on the hunt for new manufacturers

Posted on 8 Aug 2012

The network, designed to share technical excellence in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering processes is looking to expand after two years of a fixed number of manufacturers.

A spokesperson for The Midlands Assembly Network (MAN) said in a press statement that the group is particularly interested in recruiting firms that specialise in design, sheet metal fabrication, surface finishing and micro engineering – but made it clear that all UK manufacturers are welcome.

Most of all, the group is interested in firms that are willing to collaborate, share best practice, trade between themselves and unite to create a stronger force when bidding for contracts.

Current members of the network include Advanced Chemical Etching, Alucast, Barkely Plastics, Brandauer, FW Cables, PP Electrical Systems, SMT Developments and Westley Engineering.

Chairman of MAN, Gerry Dunne, explained: “This is the first time we’ve recruited in two years, but [we] feel the time is now right to [recruit again].”

Mr Dunne went on to say: “MAN works because there is no competition in the group and we are transparent in the way we operate. With over six years behind us, we’ve got a proven track record of being able to take work on that involves one, two, three, four and even all members at any one time.”

He continued: “In return, companies benefit from shared best practice, involvement in a well-established brand and website (www.man-group.co.uk), a dedicated PR resource and the ability to exhibit at key events for a fraction of the cost.”

If you are interested in applying for membership of the Midlands Assembly Network, please email [email protected].

For further information, please visit www.man-group.co.uk or call 0845 034 6676. You can follow MAN on twitter at @man_group_