Midlands business leaders become more knowledgeable

Posted on 24 Sep 2015 by Fred Tongue

A new postgraduate course is helping Midlands business leaders to be more forward thinking and knowledgeable when it comes to management.

The Midlands Assembly Network (MAN) has put six senior managers through a new Innovation Business Leadership (IBL) postgraduate programme at the University of Warwick.

The course is designed to create new Midlands’ business leaders who can help bring new knowledge and benefits to their business.

The programme is comprised of five three-day modules that cover:

  • strategy and innovation
  • leading and managing talent
  • operational efficiency
  • financial and commercial awareness
  • sales, marketing and reputation management

Companies such as Brandauer; Advanced Chemical Etching; Barkley Plastics; SMT Developments, and Alucast have put individuals through the course and are benefiting from process improvement measures, new technologies and creating employee development schemes.

Network chairman, Tony Hague, commented: “It is imperative that MAN stays ahead of the curve with the most forward thinking management training and research knowledge.

“Working with WMG on this leadership programme has allowed us to do that.”

Course director at WMG, Dr Barry Winter said: “Our programme isn’t just about the classroom learning. The programme offers the participants the ability to network with others, attend technology demonstrations and hear from guest speakers that have implemented innovative new practices in their businesses.“

“Santander Corporate and Commercial were so confident of the programme benefits that they agreed to part fund the first cohort of 16 participants from 14 different SMEs and offered them the opportunity to attend Breakthrough master classes as part of the course.”

Winter added: “Throughout my career I have developed and analysed many business theories and models that have the potential to transform the productivity and performance of small businesses, but they rarely see the light of day in SME management practice.

“This programme has brought this theory to life, combining both academic rigour with practical application. We have been inspired by the results of the course and are delighted that the MAN Group has noted so many benefits already.”