MINI to get new engines

Posted on 30 Sep 2013 by Ruari McCallion

Powertrain and handling being upgraded

The MINI will be equipped with a new generation of 3 and 4-cylinder engines as part of an upgrade to powertrain and handling, BMW has announced.

Future MINI models will be equipped with a new generation of three and four-cylinder engines, BMW Group has announced. The engines will initially be built at BMW’s plant in Munich but production is expected to start at Hams Hall, Birmingham, in late 2014.

New 2-ltr petrol turbo engine for the MINI

New MINI models will also have electrically adjustable dampers available for the first time. Electric control will enable drivers to adjust response to take account of rough surfaces, for example.  Two characteristic curves will be available at the flip of a switch. Drivers will be able to select a sporty drivetrain setting or something more balanced and comfortable.