An advert from Morrisons has been banned by health watchdog

Posted on 7 Aug 2014 by The Manufacturer

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a Morrisons advert for encouraging 'poor nutritional habits' and an 'unhealthy lifestyle' for children.

The advert shows a child removing the salad from her burger while the voice-over states “Love quarter-pounders. Love them cheaper”.

In light of worries for this generation’s childhood obesity, the advert was challenged by eleven viewers who worried the advert condoned or encouraged poor nutritional habits, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

A statement on the advert by ASA said: “The ASA considered viewers would interpret the ad to mean that the daughter was so eager to eat the burger on its own in the bun that she immediately removed the salad, choosing the option with less nutritional value.

“We considered that that impression was reinforced by the emphasis on “love” of burgers in the voice-over and the dialogue between the mother and daughter, which suggested the daughter was usually very well behaved.

“We noted the BCAP Code stated ads must not disparage good dietary practice. Because we considered the ad placed an emphasis on the burger being the preferable option to the salad, we concluded it condoned poor nutritional habits or an unhealthy lifestyle, especially in children, and that it disparaged good dietary practice.”