MPs push for carbon commitments from air and sea industries

Posted on 23 Oct 2008 by The Manufacturer

The government is facing the threat of revolt from backbenchers over the possibility that it will exempt the shipping and aviation industry from greenhouse gas targets.

The BBC reports that 56 Labour MPs – enough to sway a decision – will vote next week to include the industries at a Commons’ ballot next week.

The notion of excluding shipping and aviation was described by the environmental charity Friends of the Earth as a “drink-driving law that doesn’t count whiskey.”

The argument stems from the inability to fairly allocate emissions for voyages in between international barriers.

Andy Atkins of Friends of the Earth said: “Giving special treatment to the shipping and aviation industries is unfair and doesn’t make sense. Ed Miliband has promised he will deal with emissions from planes and ships, but voluntary commitments are not enough.

“This pledge needs to be set in law – only then will the public have confidence that this and future governments are going to deliver.”

Opposing MPs say the government must offset growing emissions from the industries in question by committing to reductions elsewhere.