MTA help Close Brothers launch Scholarship scheme

Posted on 12 Jun 2015 by Jonny Williamson

On Wednesday evening a wide range of Sheffield and South Yorkshire-based businesses attended the launch of the Close Brothers Scholarship programme at the AMRC Training Centre.

The MTA played an important role in bringing together Close Brothers and the AMRC, both of which are associate members, and in designing the scheme which aims to help SMEs by subsidising apprentices’ wages.

Selected companies will be paired with apprentices who will have 50% of their first year salary covered and 25% of their second year salary.

MTA CEO James Selka, commented: “This really is a fantastic opportunity for SME’s to take advantage of Close Brothers outstanding offer to fund apprenticeships and benefit from first rate facilities and education provided by the AMRC.”

Stephen Hodges, chief executive of Close Brothers Banking Division, added: “We have been incredibly lucky to find the perfect partners in the AMRC and the MTA.

“With their support and the world class facilities of the AMRC we know that our apprentices will be getting the best possible start in their careers, with an exceptionally high standard of training and we look forward to continuing to working with them”.

Hodges added: “At Close Brothers, we believe that there are two major issues facing our economy today. The first is the skills shortage faced by many SMEs. Recent research found that eight out of 10 smaller businesses are at risk because they are unable to source workers with the skills they need.

Applications for the scheme have to be received by the AMRC by 18 June 2015, for further details contact Kerry Featherstone – [email protected].

The second is that one in eight young people are currently not in education, employment or training (NEET).

While these numbers are falling, it’s important that young people are not left behind”.

Funding will be available for SME apprentices across a number of pathways already in place at the AMRC Training Centre.