MTC to launch UK’s first additive manufacturing apprenticeships

Posted on 27 Mar 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Manufacturing Technology Centre is to launch the first apprenticeships in the UK dedicated to providing the skills needed for additive manufacturing (3D printing).

The centre is to launch the first apprenticeships in the UK dedicated to providing the skills needed for additive manufacturing – image courtesy of MTC.

The MTC’s additive manufacturing apprenticeship programmes will provide a pipeline of technicians fully skilled in one of the fastest growing advanced manufacturing technologies in industry.

As reported, additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is now employed across multiple manufacturing sectors in a variety of materials, producing everything from simple tools to major parts for aero engines.

The MTC houses the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM) bringing together the most comprehensive combination of equipment and capability in the UK.

The MTC’s learning design manager Martin Dury said the new apprenticeship programmes are to be launched in September this year and will address the current shortage of skills in this vital area of advanced manufacturing.

Dury added: “While there are a number of additive training courses currently available in the UK, these tend to be focused on equipment use. The MTC is aiming to provide additive manufacturing apprenticeships that will cover the whole range of competences necessary for specific occupations.

“They will also offer accredited curricula of short courses to enable the up-skilling of existing staff.

“We are currently writing competency frameworks that will define the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to operate in the various job roles in an end-to-end additive manufacturing production environment.

“These frameworks will then form the foundation for the apprenticeship programmes and short course curricula. We have spent the last three months consulting with industry, manufacturers, OEMs and academia to ensure the frameworks exactly match the needs of industry.”

He added: “The Manufacturing Technology Centre is an acknowledged world leader in additive technology and the home of the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing.

“We have all the equipment and capabilities to deliver first class, sector-wide and technology agnostic programmes for apprentices or existing employees.

“The manufacturing industry is crying out for this and we will be able to make it available in a format which allows people to learn while earning, funded by the apprenticeship levy.”

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