Multi-million pound investment in manufacturing innovation

Posted on 18 Aug 2008 by The Manufacturer

The government has committed £20 million into research in innovation within the UK manufacturing sector through its Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

“Manufacturing is a vital sector of the UK economy, accounting for over 50 per cent of our exports. And the UK is the world’s sixth biggest manufacturer,” revealed Science and Innovation Minister, Ian Pearson. “Given the UK’s high-wage economy, future productivity and global competitiveness depend upon our ability to develop high-quality, clever technology and products. Major investment in innovative research and development will enable us to maintain and improve the quality of the UK manufacturing.”

Highlighting aerospace, healthcare, energy and recycling as the key industrial sub-sectors in which UK firms could thrive, Pearson and the TSB revealed the projects to receive funding are:

• Carbon-neutral construction products;
• Mouldable auto parts from sustainable resources;
• Energy efficient and environmentally friendly recycling;
• Intelligent management of electrical power systems; and
• The manufacture of sustainable prefabricated housing from renewable materials.

TSB boss Iain Gray said the investments in innovation is necessary if the UK is to remain one of the world’s premier manufacturing locations.

More investment has been promised for the near future. To apply for funding or to find out about the TSB’s networking facilities, manufacturers should visit