Need help to develop an idea?

Posted on 5 Nov 2012

The University of Birmingham's new Innovation Voucher competition is designed to help businesses grow.

A message from The University of Birmingham

All businesses generate new ideas but may not have the expertise or facilities in house to get them off the ground.

Boost your organisation’s knowledge and resources by tapping into world class expertise at the University of Birmingham.

Innovation Vouchers provide funding so that your business can work with the university to gain new knowledge and a fresh perspective to tackle a specific challenge.

The aim is to encourage new businesses to gain an introduction to the university’s expertise and facilities and hopefully explore additional ways of working together.

Awarded on a competitive basis, up to £5,000 is available.

The voucher can be used to fund all types of innovation, research, consultancy and testing. Key themes cover advanced materials, energy or medicine although the competition is not restricted to these areas.

This is one of several ways the University of Birmingham is embracing its role in supporting the regional and national economy.

For your chance to win one of these vouchers visit: