New youth vloggers aim to inspire Tomorrow’s Engineers

Posted on 3 Sep 2015 by Jonny Williamson

Two young vloggers (video bloggers) have joined the Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2015 campaign to serve as role models for industry and their peers.

A-Level student, Lily Kate France from Lancashire, and chemical engineering undergraduate from the University College London, Nayeeb Chowdhury have been appointed to inspire young people to consider a career in engineering.

A-Level student, Lily Kate France.
A-Level student, Lily Kate France.

The pair will create exclusive YouTube content including going behind-the-scenes of household brands; interviews with inspiring young engineers; explanations of new innovations such as wearable tech, and collaborative vlogs with well-known YouTubers.

The appointment of the vloggers comes as new figures, released by the Your Life campaign to encourage students to study maths and physics at A-Level, have revealed vloggers could have a major impact on young people’s aspirations.

Nearly a quarter of 11-19 year old girls (24%) and one in ten boys claim lifestyle YouTube vlogger Zoella is a role model, while Global Web Index data suggests more than half of teenagers are now using YouTube to find information.

The vloggers recruited by Tomorrow’s Engineers will help dispel myths around engineering and inspire young people to consider it as a career option.

Lily Kate France, aged 17, from Preston, has just secured four As at AS level, and after blogging for two years has been signed up by Tomorrow’s Engineers to inspire young girls through social media to consider a career in engineering.

Chemical engineering undergraduate, Nayeeb Chowdhury.
Chemical engineering undergraduate, Nayeeb Chowdhury.

Nayeeb Chowdhury, aged 21, from Croydon, impressed the team with his experience and accolades in STEM, and as a result, he will assist France in creating engaging content.

EngineeringUK chief executive, Paul Jackson commented: “Lily and Nayeeb are energetic STEM advocates who will bring engineering to life for young people across the UK.

“Vlogging brings a new dimension to Tomorrow’s Engineers Week with our new young stars showcasing engineering in action across the UK. We want as many engineers as possible to feature as they highlight the wonderful careers engineering has to offer.”

Now in its third year, Tomorrow’s Engineers Week aims to challenge perceptions of engineering among young people and encourage young people to choose STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week uses topical issues, celebrities and competition prizes relevant to young people to inspire them to consider their next steps in STEM.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2015 takes place from November 2 – 6, 2015: visit for more information.