Nissan shows confidence after Japan quake

Posted on 8 Apr 2011 by The Manufacturer

Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Nissan has been assessing and planning for any disruption to its global overseas manufacturing operation.

Despite an unavoidable interruption to production schedules, Nissan is wholly-focused on minimising any impact on customers or staff throughout this period, and every effort is being made to return to normal operation as quickly as possible.

Due to an interruption to the normal supply of components, Sunderland will introduce three non-production days into its schedule from 26 April to 28 April.

The effect on staff will be kept to an absolute minimum by bringing forward non-production days already planned for later in the year and by continuing to respond flexibly to the temporary disruption.

Plant management remains in close contact with Nissan’s global supply chain function to assess the need for any further action to align production with the availability of parts on an ongoing basis.

Demand for all Sunderland-produced models remains high, and once the normal delivery of components has been reestablished, the plant will work to recover any lost volume as quickly as possible.

Despite the current temporary operational difficulties being faced by all vehicle manufacturers, Nissan announced in a statement: “We are well placed to respond quickly and flexibly to the current challenges, supported by the professionalism of our staff, suppliers and dealer network, and we are confident of making a complete recovery in the short term.”