Norbar Torque triples Japanese export business

Posted on 12 Feb 2013 by The Manufacturer

Banbury-based tool manufacturer Norbar Torque achieved a three-fold increase in exports to Japan in 2012.

Norbar Torque produces torque wrenches and torque calibration equipment.

Rapid growth in Norbar’s Japanese tool market followed participation in two UKTI-led programmes designed to help British companies develop new business contacts.

Norbar has a long-standing distribution presence in the Japanese market, but was anxious to maximise opportunities with a targeted contact programme. To boost sales across a range of new and existing sectors, including aerospace, automotive, marine and wind power generation.

Norbar now hopes to leverage its success in Japan to export more to other Asian markets.

“The Japanese market is very strong in itself but also a vital bridgehead into the Asian markets due to its strength in key sectors like automotive and hi-tech engineering,” said Norbar Torque’s Owen Hillis.