Open road ahead for Branson-backed Scottish firm

Posted on 15 May 2017 by Fred Tongue

Scottish firm, MacRebur Ltd, has recently launched a Kickstarter to help fund its project to use recycled plastic to fill potholes.

The three founders of the company are looking for £590,000 equity to grow and develop their road resurfacing business. The Scottish firm uses recycled plastic to cover and resurface roads.

The technology that the firm uses has been independently tested and the results show the the bitumen replacement product results in longer lasting and stronger results than standard asphalt mixes. The product meets British standards and offers a use for waste plastic, saving landfill space.

MacRebur was set up last year by three friends, Toby McCartney, an entrepreneur; civil engineer Gordon Reid; and waste and recycling expert Nick Burnett. The idea was born following a trip to India where Toby witnessed raw waste plastic being dumped in potholes and melted down. Their more method involves a blend of plastics in pellet form.

The company has laid roads in England and Scotland, as well as a runway at Carlisle Airport and a lorry park at Exelby Services and is in talks with councils and contractors in the UK and Australia about more opportunities.

CEO Toby McCartney said, “MacRebur is on a mission to disrupt the roads construction industry worldwide. It’s stuck in a rut and, as all drivers know, there are serious issues with crumbling and cracked roads and potholes.

“Our product, MR6, can make things better as it’s stronger and longer lasting than standard asphalt mixes. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and an affordable solution. With 40 million kilometres of roads around the world, MR6 could make a massive economic and environmental difference.”

Our concept has already generated a massive buzz and really caught people’s imaginations. They can now get on board with us through Seedrs and be part of what promises to be an exciting future.”

Secretary of State for Scotland RT Hon David Mundell MP believes that, “the idea of using plastic on our roads is innovative and I wish MacRebur all the best in the future.”

After six months in business, the firm scooped the 2016 Virgin Voom award for best UK start up. Announcing them as winners at the final in London last year, Sir Richard Branson said: “I love the idea. I quite like the idea of driving on roads made out of plastic and old rubbish.”