Picture perfect as innovation boosts Middlesbrough manufacturer

Posted on 30 Jun 2014 by Callum Bentley

The launch of a number of new products is set to help a Middlesbrough manufacturer double turnover and create new jobs.

CorDEX Instruments has tapped into support from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) to bring a series of intrinsically safe and explosion proof inspection and imaging devices to market.

Employing 14 people at its Owen Road facility, the company has already secured global sales for its ‘ToughPIX II’ SLR style camera, which can take high quality photographs in potentially hazardous environments including offshore facilities, petrochemical and mining.

“Our products are used in some of the most demanding environments imaginable around the world and have to be reliable and extremely durable,” explained Craig Bell, managing director.

“ToughPIX II has been in development for more than two years and has evolved dramatically from our first range of digital cameras. It is smaller and lighter, yet still maintains the functionality and industrial ruggedness required.”

He continued: “We needed to develop a charging station for the rechargeable battery pack and working with MAS consultant LDT Design we came up with a new docking station that would act as both the charging point and also the USB point for downloading images.”

CorDEX Instruments design, develop and manufacture a range of intrinsically safe and explosion proof inspecting and imaging devices, including thermal imaging cameras, digital cameras, ultrasonic testers, laser distance meters and infrared windows.

The company invests heavily into R&D at its facility in Middlesbrough and intends to bring several new products to market during 2014 and continue this development into 2015.

MAS Advisor Jim Barr has been working with the company for more than three years.

“Unlocking innovation in a company is one of our key aims and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to fund a specialist to work with CorDEX to develop its next generation of products.

“Sometime the assistance can be the difference between a great idea falling at the final hurdle and it becoming a fantastic commercial reality. I’m glad to say on this occasion the ‘ToughPIX II’ falls firmly into the last category and is already generating considerable revenue for the firm.