Picture your hero

Posted on 20 Sep 2011 by The Manufacturer

Kathy Riley, awards director at EEF, says that by sharing your images of manufacturing’s inspiring people, places or processes, you can help change outdated perceptions of the industry, and win some amazing prizes.

Manufacturing is the engine driving the UK’s economic recovery. Our industry is not about dirty, dusty, dangerous old factories. It’s lean, clean and innovative, producing quality and technology which we are proud to export the world over.

At EEF, we think it’s time the images which illustrate manufacturing reflect our contemporary, booming industry more accurately. Through the EEF Photography Competition, professionals, amateurs and young people now have the chance to expose their heroes of modern UK manufacturing, to improve the way people view our sector.

Your hero could be anything from components or products, individual people or teams, or the places and processes which you feel illustrate the evolving landscape of manufacturing in the 21st century.

Last year’s winning photo in the professional category was of the quintessentially British Aston Martin. The photograph, taken for use in Aston Martin’s marketing material, cannot help but spark feelings of homeland pride and nostalgia thanks to its links to James Bond, 007.

The winning photo in 2010 for the amateur category was taken at Sheffield Forgemasters, of a huge ingot mould standing proud in the foreground, set against a terrific, dramatic skyline and vertical lines of the factory chimneys. The judges said the image clearly demonstrates the UK’s ability to manufacture large, world class components.

For the young person’s category (for people aged 14 – 19 years), the winning photograph last year was taken at missile manufacturer MBDA. The photograph illustrates young people standing united beneath a product they helped to build, embodying the spirit of manufacturing’s future through its young people.

What are the judges looking for?
The judges will be looking for strong images that raise questions in people’s minds. Does the image provoke surprise or admiration? Will people look at it and say: “I didn’t realise that was part of our UK manufacturing base”?

Because we want to find a new set of iconic images portraying the boldness and creativity of UK manufacturing, the quality of its output, its people, products and processes, we want your images to reflect a new and contemporary identity which showcases a modern UK manufacturing industry. Use your creative licence and send us photos of whatever you feel reflects the theme: ‘heroes of modern UK manufacturing’.

What could I win?
•Win up to £5000 worth of photography equipment from our partner Canon
•You and your business will get high-profile media exposure – a showcase of the best images will be used in EEF’s print media and public relations activity
•By entering your own images into our competition you will be helping to re-define the public perception of manufacturing

£5000 worth of Canon equipment up for grabs
From this month, Canon enhances its leading product portfolio by unveiling an exceptional new range of digital still cameras and inkjet printers, including a selection of PowerShot and IXUS cameras, and five new PIXMA models.

Winners of the EEF Photography Competition will be able to select their prizes from these amazing new models, and other innovative camera equipment from the Canon range.

Enter the competition free by October 31, 2011

Entry levels:

•14-19 Year Olds

Category criteria:

Enter as many photos as you like, addressing one or more elements of the following areas to meet the competition theme ‘heroes of modern UK manufacturing’:

•Component or product
•Person or team
•Places or processes

If you’d like to learn more about the competition or upload a photo for entry go to www.eef.org.uk/photo.