Powertrain launches new clean engine technology

Posted on 4 Apr 2008 by The Manufacturer

Powertrain Technologies based in Snetterton, Norfolk, has launched its radical new engine technology at a Coventy seminar.

Developed by Dr Dan Merritt and colleagues at Coventry University, the technology is already looking to be cleaner and more fuel efficient than other systems, including those developed by some of the world’s largest automotive firms.

The technology – called MUSIC (Merritt Unthrottled Spark Ignition Combustion) – has been under development for the past 18 months, with the project having been partially funded by the Department of Transport as a part of its Low Carbon Research and Development Programme. By increasing thermal efficiency it reduces fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by over 20 per cent, allowing the engine to operate at diesel efficiency levels, but without the damaging NOx and Particulate emissions of the diesel.

“Vehicle manufacturers face a never ending struggle to reduce the emissions from their vehicles. The proposed CO₂ limit of 130g/km is going to cause some of them real issues,” said Ptech managing director Andrew Barnes.

“All the manufacturers are looking at advanced technology to help in this task, but a lot of this technology requires significant support systems to make them work. The MUSIC technology needs none of this. Our engines only need technology that is already in mass manufacture today and we already achieve a greater CO₂ reduction than that claimed for future technologies.”

The first prototype is now being tested at Snetterton.