Presswork manufacturer reports growth spurt

Posted on 15 Jul 2011 by The Manufacturer

West Midlands-based H T Brigham reported a need for new workers at its plant after securing several high value contracts.

The most recent of these contracts was offered to two of the company’s competitors, both of which declined the contract.

Without revealing who its new customer is, H T Brigham announced it is to supply components to a company in the energy generation sector in a deal that will last for five years. The deal is expected to create a demand for new staff at the plant in Coleshill, while securing existing ones.

Andrew Essom, technical sales manager at the company argued that presswork is a cheaper alternative to other methods of producing components, and that H T Brigham is able to reduce the cost to the customer: “Production of this component as a pressing not only drastically reduced the unit cost of the component, but also allowed the customer to pass on this significant cost reduction into its assembly and in turn secure long-term manufacturing of the assembled product to their own customer.”

Using computer simulation, H T Brigham was able to show the customer that pressing was a viable manufacturing option.

HT Brigham is a presswork manufacturer based in Coleshill, West Midlands. The company has a heritage within the supply of quality metal presswork and metal stamping which spans over 60 years. It specialises in the production of small to medium sized metal components which are utilised worldwide.

George Archer