Recycled UK invests £150,000 in new bonded warehouse

Posted on 5 Feb 2013

A recycling company in Coseley has invested more than £150,000 in a specialist bonded warehouse as part of its expansion plans for 2013.

The secure facility, where mainly plastic waste is destroyed for recycling, includes 12 position picking stations, an automated shredder and baling machine.

The 14,500 sq ft unit is equipped with CCTV systems so that customers can log in via the internet and watch their products being destroyed.

Several recent investments means that the firm is likely to see turnover nearly double to £2 million by the end of the year.

Managing director Paul Green said: “The bonded facility will look after the secure destruction of CDs, DVDs and, thanks to our new vision imaging software, x-rays for the healthcare sector.

“These have all been major growth areas for our business and this dedicated facility will give us the capacity to take on new clients, including EMI, local police forces and customs and excise.”

“From the minute the product arrives at Coseley in one of our trucks, we log it then track it throughout the disposal phases. The client even gets a record of its destruction – better still all of this is free of charge.”

Recycled UK has spent nearly £200,000 on new equipment, vehicles and technology in 2012 following growing demand for its recycling services in hard plastics, cardboards and film.

Mr Green says there has been strong interest in disposing of time expired x-ray films for the medical sector.

The Black Country firm has teamed up with with Worcester-based Industrial Material Recycling to create bespoke vision imaging software that could save NHS Healthcare Trusts hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

The technology can set specific parameters to filter the files to ensure only the right ones are extracted and securely destroyed.

Recycled UK, which has taken on eight new staff in the last six months, processes 100-tonnes of waste a week at its site in Coseley site.

You can also follow the company on twitter @recycleduk, and www.recycleduklimitedcom.